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Intellar specialises in local SEO, with extensive experience serving a range of businesses based locally and globally.

To improve the online presence of your business in local search?

Analytics & rank tracking of local keywords?

Insight into what your local competition is doing well?

Why is local SEO important?

Many people search on their phones for local queries with a high intent to then contact or even visit businesses.

The aim of local SEO is to capture local search intent by getting in front of customers with the right content.

Local search also typical converts at a high rate. So while search volumes may be on the lower end, your revenue potential is often quite high.

NAP Citations

Building citations with consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) is key to improving your local keyword ranks.

Google My Business

GMB gets your business on Google Maps, the bread and butter of local SEO. There is a lot to optimise here and a lot to be done ongoing.

Local Content

Improve your keyword ranks by meeting local search intent with locally optimised content.

Optimise Your Website

Technical optimisations will improve your SEO as a whole. However, there are some specifics to take local SEO further

Local Keyword Research

Discover what local customers are searching for, where the volume is and then capture that on your website

Local Link Building

Much like the technical side, link building will improve your site as a whole. Local SEO linking building is abit more nuanced

What local SEO can do for your business

A local SEO strategy is a core aspect of many digital marketing campaigns, whether it be for small businesses or large, multi-national businesses.

This is because local search is a powerful medium for generating highly targeted leads.

Intellar treats local search as a real revenue driver for businesses.

We take the time to understand how people are searching for your products/services, then create the appropriate content solutions.


Get Found Online

The foundational local SEO tasks will ensure your business can be found online via Google search and other search engines.


Higher Conversion Rates

Local leads are highly targeted. As a result, what we typically see is that website conversion rates on local queries are high.


Grow Your Business

Search volume is a proxy for demand. Through local keyword research Intellar will identify local ranking opportunities to help grow your business.


Long Term Success

Investing in local search optimisation means your business will be well positioned to capture growing local searches and demand.

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Intellar's guide to local SEO

Want to learn more about local SEO and how it can benefit your business?

We wrote an in-depth guide on local SEO, covering everything from the basic setup to some advanced tips and tricks.

Utilising local SEO is a great way to reach local customers and get ahead of your competition in local SERPs.

With so many people searching for local products and business, plus the rise in “near me” queries, local search has become a powerful channel.

Local SEO FAQs

A few quick local SEO FAQs

Essentially, local SEO is a cost effective marketing solution that helps potential customers find your business online.

It centres around providing relevant results to users based on their location.

This is done via a combination of:

– Keyword research to discover local search terms and where the local demand is

– Website optimisations to target that local intent

– Off-site optimisations to improve your website authority

Every business can benefit from local SEO to some degree.

Seriously, it is a strategy that should be a part of all online marketing campaigns.

For small business in particular however, local SEO can be a quick and easy way to enter the market.

For larger business with multiple locations, local SEO can greatly improve discovery.

Without it, the chances of your business being found online in local search results are slim.

Couple this with the sharp rise in “near me” search queries in the past few years.

If you’re not setup to be found, a competitor will take that space.

Like any SEO question about time frames, the answer really is “it depends”.

Local SEO can be segmented into several key aspects that vary in time frames:

– The quick: Foundational tasks, i,e: Creating your listings, organisational schema

– The medium: Keyword research, optimising existing content

– The long: Technical SEO, new content

Essentially, it’s quick to start with local SEO, but like anything to do with SEO, it’s all about the long game

Local SEO helps businesses get found by local customers who are searching for products or services that the business provides.

For example, if a customer searches forrestaurants near me, local SEO will help the business show up in the search results. L

ocal SEO also helps businesses get found in other local directories, such as Yelp, YellowPages and Apple Maps.

Local SEO can help businesses to build trust and credibility with their local customers, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

This is because Google reviews are the first thing customers see when searching for local results.

Customers can also see where you are, what areas you serve, what service you offer and then easily contact you.

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