Ecommerce SEO Services

Do you own or work with an Ecommerce business? Ecommerce SEO will help your business drive highly targeted organic traffic and sales.

Create a custom Ecommerce SEO strategy that fits your business & budget

Analyse keyword and market opportunities

Create a technically sound website that works with all integrations

Custom Ecommerce SEO strategies

SEO is never a “one size fits all” business, especially when it comes to ecommerce SEO.

Technical requirements, content types and audiences vary widely, so it’s important to have an SEO campaign tailored to your business specifically.

Intellar has extensive experience servicing ecommerce clients in a number of niches. We understand what works and get help your ecommerce website drive more rankings, traffic and revenue.

Niche Keyword Research

Keyword research for Ecom is incredibly granular. Understanding what people search for and convert on in your niche is paramount.

Technical Optimisation

Technical SEO is an integral component of any successful website, but even more so for an Ecom website.

Informed Content

The granular keyword research in your niche needs to be support by relevant and informed content that drives keyword ranks and sales.

CMS Optimisation

UX is a critical aspect in converting a customer. For a business selling online, your site needs to provide and speedy and trustworthy experience.

Paid Search Synergy

Paid search via Google, display networks and social media platforms can really compliment your SEO, and vice versa.

Outreach and Engagement

Intellar will help your online business drive consumer engagement through outreach and awareness campaigns.

What Ecommerce SEO can do for your business

Investing in SEO for ecommerce websites is a great way to increase product awareness, drive organic traffic, increase your sales and decrease reliance on paid advertising channels.

An effective SEO strategy will cover products, categories, brand and informational content.

There are many roads to a product purchase, so it’s the role of SEO to attract and inform users at each step of the way.


Product Enhancement

Successful Ecommerce optimisation involves enhancing both the content and technical elements on your website.


Valuable Clicks

Granular keyword targeting leads to highly valuable clicks – clicks that convert customers.


Scalable Growth

Overtime SEO has increasing returns. With Ecommerce, we establish a scalable and sustainable strategy to keep your business growing.


Channel Synergy

There are many conversion channels online, so it’s important to have a strategy where they can compliment each other to drive sales.

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Ecommerce SEO FAQs

A few quick Ecommerce SEO FAQs to answer some common questions we receive.

SEO for ecommerce helps your website rank organically for product and category keywords.

This is done through a combination of keyword research, content optimisations and technical edits.

If you’re looking to cover as much search real estate as possible, then yes, your Ecommerce site needs SEO and PPC.

SEO and PCC can be used in conjunction to dominate search results and improve overall query CTRs.

Ecommerce SEO is all about setting priorities.

Every site and niche will have different targets, so outside of the standard tech, content, keyword research & links, so understanding how you can optimise important category and product pages is key for Ecom SEO success.

For ease of entry into Ecommerce, Shopify is the best platform in my opinion for SEO and website design. It’s templated and easy to setup and navigate for beginners.

Other platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento Commerce are also great solutions.

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