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Intellar has delivered some incredible SEO results for a range of businesses. Check out our case studies to see what some of those results look like.

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Ever wondered how a strategic SEO approach can transform your business?

Check out some of our case studies, diving into the real-world impact of SEO on business growth, from increased website traffic, keyword ranks, leads and revenue.

Below you’ll find some snapshots of businesses that leveraged SEO to not just survive but thrive in a competitive market.

Read on to see how SEO can be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Good2Give: Improved Organic Traffic by 154.6%

Good2Give had the foundations for a great site but needed to scale the visibility of their service offerings, as their website was not being surfaced for important category keywords.

The website ranked outside of page #1 for the majority of their focus keywords. That’s why they called us.

Intellar implemented a full overhaul of Good2Give’s SEO strategy. We recommended changes to their page design and structure, and created a SEO lead content strategy for their landing pages and blog articles. With these recommendations implemented, the results were impressive:

  • 65.28% YoY 6 month traffic increase.
  • A 154.6% uplift in conversions.
  • A 583% increase in total keyword ranks.
  • 2,431 more keywords on page 1 of Google – 1,761% increase!

Oz Hair & Beauty: Organic Revenue Increase 40.1%

Oz Hair & Beauty engaged Intellar to help them scale their SEO performance, with a distinct focus on driving more revenue from organic search.

To begin with, we worked together to get a handle of their indexation coverage. Crawl bloat often plagues large ecommerce sites and such an issue can have a negative impact on SEO performance.

Post all the technical fixes being implemented, we worked to create content around granular search terms that fed back into product landing pages.

Google loves to reward pages that serve a unique purpose, so we scaled that as much as possible, and the results were amazing. In a 6 month period, we saw:

  • An average of around 250 clicks per day from these pages alone.
  • An additional 1,100+ total ranking keywords.
  • More than 250 keywords added on page 1.


YoY Session increase

For FY23 we saw an increase in organic sessions of 16.8% against the previous year.


YoY New User Uplift

There was also an uplift in new user count by 37.2% against the previous year.


YoY Revenue Increase

Most notably, organic revenue improved by 41.6% YoY!


Total Ranking Terms

Driving much of this was a big increase in keyword coverage for Fy23, and also a focus on content around products.

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