Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is best seen as the foundation of your website. Intellar’s comprehensive technical SEO audits identify and fix issues on your website, improving both keyword ranks and user experience.

To improve indexation rates and increase keyword ranks?

A boost to site speed and better user experience?

To remove deadweight, fix coding issues and create a better site structure?

Technical SEO for all website platforms

Technical SEO audits are not a one size fits all job. Every website has its own complexity, whether that is the CMS, existing site issues, or the style of website, such as an ecommerce website. As such, audits are tailored to your business.

What to expect from our SEO audits

Our audits follow a comprehensive SEO methodology to identify, present and specify changes and additions to the website’s content, structure and coding that will improve search engine rankings, traffic and conversions.

Recommendations detailing any fundamental technical issues impeding organic performance will be provided in a range of documents with proposed solutions.

What our technical audits cover

A quick look at our comprehensive range of technical SEO line items.

On Page SEO​

The often overlooked basics of technical SEO. There is much you can do with on page SEO that goes towards driving improvements in your organic performance.

Our technical audits cover all on page aspects of your website that will enhance performance.

Website Architecture

Information architecture and navigation are essential components in the success of a website.

Your website needs to be organised logically and in a manner that helps improve user experience and landing page discoverability.

Crawling and Indexation

Intellar’s SEO audits have a heavy focus on how your website is being crawled and ultimately indexed by search engines. We look at things such as page bloat & dead weight, indexation directives, duplicate content & internal linking.

Page Speed

The time it takes for a page to load is an important part of any website’s user experience. Page speed has a direct impact on your ability to rank in search engines and convert customers on your website.

International Targeting

International targeting is notoriously tricky to get correct and implement. Audits of hreflang are absolutely essential for businesses who operate in multiple countries.

Ecommerce Optimisations

Intellar has extensive experience managing and auditing ecommerce websites. There are many vital moving parts to ecom and we ensure every aspect of SEO is optimised to maximise your online performance.

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Technical SEO FAQs

Some quick answers to common technical SEO FAQs. Have a read.

Technical SEO is the process of optimising a website for crawling and indexation, ensuring that your website is readable by search engine crawling bots, aka, spiders.

Without this initial phase of crawling and indexation, your website will never rank! It’s vital to SEO success that the technical elements making up your website are fully optimised.

Expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 to $20,000+ for a technical SEO audit.

Pricing depends on many factors including the size of your website and the niche of your website (is it a local business or a multi-national ecommerce site?)

For an accurate technical SEO quote tailored to your website, please fill out the form above these FAQs.

Technical optimisation is the foundation of SEO for a website.

Without your house in order (technical SEO), so to speak, the chances of your website being discoverable and ranked is hindered.

Amazing content or unique products are useless on a website that takes 10 seconds to load, or where they exist outside of a logical site structure.

Get your tech right first and move forwards from there.

There are two main parts to performing a site audit:

  1. Sifting through crawl data that is generated by crawling tools such as Screaming Frog, then pulling out actionable insights from those.
  2. Manually reviewing landing pages and analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to discover issues and pulling those out into actionable insights.

The short answer is yes. The smaller the site, the smaller the audit obviously.

Intellar’s technical audits start with a checklist. That can often be more than enough to cover the basics on very small websites.

If there are larger issues at play after that, we advise a more in depth analysis.

Our SEO audits comprise of multiple comprehensive documents, splitting out core technical issues by document, with actionable insights and a priority plus impact ranking at the end.

We structure our audits this way so they are easy for you and us to follow when reviewing and implementing the recommendations.

Our audits also look at performance metrics, as technical SEO is far more than metadata and broken links.

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