Keyword Research

Keyword research is pivotal to any SEO campaign, but an unfiltered list of keywords is next to useless.

Get a breakdown of keywords by category, their volume & associated SERP features

Opportunity analysis against ranking positions

Competitor benchmarking of core terms

Keyword research that drives performance

The aim of keyword research is to discover what your customers are searching for, where they are searching from and what results they are then being served.

Search Volume Opportunities

Keyword research identifies opportunities for your business, as keyword search volume itself is a proxy for demand.

Categorical Presentation

Intellar’s keyword research documents are presented in a user friendly way with every keyword segmented by a category.

Informed Content

The data behind every search term helps inform the type of content you create and edits you make to existing pages.

SERP Features

Discover what type of SERP features for your target keywords. Knowing this changes the way you optimise for SEO success.

Paid Search Synergy

While separate channels, paid search and organic search can and should compliment each other.

On-Page SEO

Keyword research also helps inform the best way to set keyword targets for the landing pages on your website.

Intellar's keyword research process

Intellar goes through a detailed process in order to build a keyword document that is insightful and easy to navigate.


Raw data exports

We collect all the data from multiple sources for however many keywords are relevant to your business, such as: Clicks, CPCs, SV & SERP features.



Keywords are then group into categories and type, i,e. “informational queries “, “prepositions”, “buyer terms”


URL matching

For both queries that already rank for you and those that don’t, URLs are assigned to each keyword.


Reporting build

All these researched queries then feed into monthly reports, where individual ranks & visibility scores are tracked against assigned groups.

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Intellar’s guide to keyword research

Want to learn more about what keyword research is and how to do it? We wrote a great guide on the topic that covers all there is to know.

Keyword research needs to be insightful and presentable. A raw list of search terms is next to useless. This guide will show you all steps in the process from gathering the raw keyword data to making a presentable report for clients.

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