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What is link building?

There are a few types of link building methods, all serving their own unique and important purpose. Links build up the credibility and authority of your website, whether that is by internally linking supplementary pages, or by acquiring backlinks from other reputable websites.

Intellar’s link building services are centred round creating high quality, high authority, niche relevant links that drive domain authority and traffic to your website.

This is done through a number of methods such as PR outreach and link baiting with great content.

Backlinks are a major SEO ranking factor, and at Intellar, we treat links as a brand strategy. We love to work with internal teams to build valuable, linkable assets, and craft outreach campaigns that can really drive brand engagement.

Internal Link Building

Internal link building is the process of linking between relevant pages. This can be done via anchor text in body copy or images.

Internal links build supplementary SEO value between the pages on your website.

External Link Building

External link building is the process of placing links on your website that point off to other relevant websites.

This practice is done to provide additional value to users and help relate your website to another website with a common topic

Inbound Link Building

Inbound link building, aka, backlinks, are probably what you have heard most about.

Backlinks are closely associated with keyword ranking performance. They can be acquired in many ways, and not all backlinks are equal. Some are even harmful.

Our link building services

High quality, white hat link building services scalable for any business. We can handle all outreach & engagement, technical elements and content creation for you.


Guest Posts

An easy way to get a backlink. You provide a great piece of content to another website, and they reference your website in return.


Backlink Audits

Some backlinks can be harmful to your SEO efforts. Our backlink audit services will discover and disavow any toxic links


Internal Link Audits

An internal link audit ensures you build a good navigational structure for users as well as SEO value between your webpages.


Content Creation

The best links are those that are earned organically. When you create an awesome piece of content, people will link to it!

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Link building & backlink FAQs

A few quick link building FAQs to answer some common questions we receive.

Think of backlinks as a vote of confidence. The more links you have from reputable and relevant sources, the better your website is perceived in the eyes of Google.

Websites linking to you increase your authority and thus the likelihood of your website appearing in SERPs.

This is why links are considered essential for SEO.

Quality over quantity, always. Building links can be done via guest posts, tracking brand mentions, or earned through great content you create.

Great content can be amplified via other channels to increase linking chances. You can also outreach to relevant and reputable websites and/or influencers to share your great content.

Who knows… they may love it enough to share it themselves!

There are a myriad of online tools you can use to check backlinks.

Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRush, Majestic, to name a few…

Unfortunately most of these require paid subscriptions to get a complete picture of your backlink profile.

You can also check linking websites within Google Search Console.

A do follow backlink is a backlink that passes SEO equity (aka, link juice) to your website.

As a result, do follow links have a direct impact on your ability to rank and the overall authority score of your website.

A no follow backlink (rel=”nofollow”) is a snippet of code placed around a backlink that tells search engines to pass no SEO value to the linked website.

The no follow attribute is basically used to cut any association with potentially spammy websites.

Yes! Not all backlinks are equal and some backlinks can be very damaging to your website.

“Toxic” links, aka spam, are low quality links that can trip Google’s algorithm penalties. You’ll often end up with a toxic backlink profile when engaging in cheap SEO.

In the end, toxic links will need to be disavowed or removed in order to prevent your website from being penalised.

Intellar's Link Building pricing

We provide businesses with premium quality, natural backlinks via reactive digital PR. These are quote style links to help build brand awareness and website authority.

2-6 Links

30+ pitches sent

$1,900 AUD

4-8 Links

50+ pitches sent

$3,200 AUD

6-10 Links

70+ pitches sent

$4,300 AUD

SEO support + Training

From $1,000

SEO Retainers

From $1,500/month

SEO Projects

From $1,000

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