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Check out how we helped PanXpan optimise their website for a stronger organic performance.

What we did

PanXpan engaged Intellar to help them improve the organic search performance of their website.

Straight away we identified some major technical issues on the website, which lead us into running a technical audit as an initial project.

As with any SEO technical audit, the key objective is to identify technical issues that are inhibiting the websites’ ability to rank in search results.

The technical audit

Our analysis showed that the website, as it stood, had a number of technical issues affecting it.

Here is an overview of the challenges faced and the impact of implementing our technical SEO recommendations.

URL naming conventions and structure​

Camel casing, Non-ASCII characters, White space in URLs.
The Impact
URL naming conventions are an often overlooked and simple element of a website that can have a big impact, both positively & negatively as issues with URL paths cause complications with crawling & indexation. Identifying systemic issues with internal URL structures & naming conventions will allow you to understand what may be holding back the performance of a website in organic search.

Canonical tag and hreflang tag errors​

Highlight unique content & remove duplication issues.
The Impact

Canonical tags are used to highlight unique content, prevent duplicate content and essentially tell search engines which URL to crawl, index and ultimately rank.

Canonical tags can and should also be used in conjunction with hreflang. This will prevent duplicate pages targeted to different countries from being flagged as duplicate content.

Intellar provided recommendations to Pan x Pan on how to handle their canonical tags and hreflang tags to remove duplication and help improve overall index coverage.

Incorrect and missing sitemap files​

Cleaned & segmented sitemap files.

The Impact

Many technical issues on a website can have a knock on effect. A missing canonical tag for example can also lead to: Duplicate content & meta data, crawling inconsistencies & sitemap errors. Intellar provided recommendations to clean and segment Pan x Pan’s sitemap files to help improve overall discoverability.

Meta Data

Titles, headers & descriptions.
The Impact

On page is one of the most fundamental elements of SEO. To compete in search results, you need to be getting the basics correct. Intellar provided recommendations to improve the title tags, header tags & descriptions. While meta data may be lumped into the “easy” bucket, it requires extensive keyword research to really fine tune.

The Oucome

In the end, Intellar provided PanXpan with extensive documentation on 23 different technical issues. This was presented in a series of segmented Google docs & Google sheets, with a final priority & impact score assigned.

251% increase in indexation coverage
Keyword coverage uplift of 26.7%
Click increase of 8.75% quarter on quarter post technical audit
Impression increase of 16.3% quarter on quarter post technical audit

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